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We are working to solve the problems of middle-molecular drugs from the perspective of synthesis by utilizing flow synthesis, which is the development of organic synthesis technology cultivated through pharmaceutical manufacturing for many years, and continuous flow synthesis with integrated in-line measurement, which combines the world's top-level in-line sensing technology.


The library of hundreds of non-naturalty amino acids and non-naturalty amidites, created using organic synthesis techniques represented by halogenation technologies that we have cultivated so far, can be widely used for screening in middle-molecular drug discovery.


R&D and manufacturing bases equipped
with cutting-edge technologies

  • Shonan laboratory

    Open innovation and next-generation R&D

  • Naruto Factory

    Multi-purpose plant capable of handling from Non-GMP to GMP


To be the best partner in the development and manufacturing of
middle-molecular drugs,
building trust, accumulating thoughts,
and working together to achieve goals.

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